The Difference Between Male Enhancement & Male Enlargement

Posted on May 9, 2017 in general health

With the overwhelming amount of male products available today, many men do not realize that there is a difference between male enhancement products and male enlargement products. All male products fall into one of these two categories, but understanding the difference between the two can help you achieve your desired results.

Male Enhancement Products

Male enhancement products mainly consist of pills, patches, an oils. While this is the most economical solution, the results are only temporary. While most male pills and patches will enhance your penis with fuller erections and stronger orgasms, when you stop using the product the effect will slowly wear off.

Male Enlargement Products

Male enlargement products consist of stretching devices or extenders, surgery, and exercise like sizegenetics. The results of these choices are all permanent. I would highly discourage any type of surgery, so that leaves you with stretching devices or exercise. The initial expense of a penis extender can cost between $200-$500, but remember your results are permanent. Penis exercises also produce a permanent result, but you need to do the exercises everyday.

Now that you have an understanding of male enhancement vs. male enlargement, there are a few more things to keep in mind before actually deciding on a product. First, have a realistic goal in mind. Do not think that you can buy any of these products and increase your penis size by 8 inches. Although, if you are looking for a significant increase in size, extenders have been known to add 3-4 inches of length on average. Second, do not buy any of these products off of an auction site. Purchase directly from the manufacturer, to ensure you are getting the original product and not a knock off. Finally, do some research, read testimonials and make a decision that best suits your needs.

If you would like further information about male enhancement or male enlargement products, please visit my male enhancement review page. You will find useful and detailed information, on the top recommended products for each category to help you make an informed decision.

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